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Lost In Las Vegas
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One Crazy Vegas Night
Beau R, Oklahoma City, OK
I came to Vegas to get a new start on life after everything collapsed for me back in Oklahoma. Lost my job bad break-up with my high school sweetheart big fight with my parents my car broke down - you name it - everything went all wrong at the same time. Always works that way don rsquo t it So I decided for a fresh start. And where else…...
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Waving, Not Drowning
Jane Bailey, Kingston, Ontario (Canada)
I shut the door to my hotel room one last time and look down at the neon sea below me traffic undulating in shades of red and gold as more people contribute their carbon to the steady flow of hope and heartbreak. Beautiful beautiful winking diamonds in the sunset-evening push all the disappointment and disillusionment far away.…...
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The Truth About Teacups
Kendra Kaldor, Coos Bay, Oregon
Sergeant Waide eyed her troops suspiciously. She had served a long time in the Navy and was used to things happening in an orderly timely and organized fashion. Their current skirmish however was just plain silly. It all started because of a cultural difference between her country and a neighboring one and was all about tea. The Dervies of…...
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Halloween In Vegas
Scott F., Long Beach, Ca
Now I don't consider myself a writer but after reading about teacups and the Gideons for ten minutes I started getting kind of dizzy. So I thought I'd give it a go... Halloween weekend 2010. We left on a whim. My roommate conor and I were on our way to vegas with two girls a handful of weed some shrooms and a couple Molly pills.…...
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Congrats, Mrs...What is your name again?
Bridget C. Hoolihan Budig, Forest Lake, MN
We were twenty-two we were recent college graduates and we were headed to Las Vegas for the Fourth of July. We were four friends that had scraped up enough money to go to the Heat Capitol of America in the height of tourist season in the desert in July. Three of us were gainfully employed and I was a month into my graduate program. We were…...
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gerard beirne, fredericton, nb
Ambivalence Ruth stared across the tracks at the infinite outreach of orange sky. A pale comparison of the Strip s neon glow Johnny had said in one of his less impressive moments. Ruth wished he would hurry up. The train back to LA was due any minute now. Behind her through the station doors the illicit blue outlines of naked ladies and…...
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First Day in
Andy Ruffett, Kelowna, BC
I went to the casino for the first time in my life. Well that s not true. I have been to the casino before but it was in Vegas. Now before you get too excited let me explain that that time didn t really count. Why Because I didn t gamble. Yes that s right I gambled. But I gambled less than you might have expected. When people…...
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Five Dollars for the Colonel
Tim Lavalli, Berkeley, CA
Out in the rundown Northeast corner of Las Vegas above the Abe's Liquor Emporium between the Sands Driving School and Magic Molly's Beauty Palace sits the International Gaming Dealers Academy. The only thing international about the school were the students a United Nations mixture of your tired weary seeking for a better life each and…...
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