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Readers testimonials - Lost in last vegas the book
"I completely lost track of time while reading the engrossing and super funny "Lost in Las Vegas." I was delighted by tears-rolling-down-my-cheeks laughter at the vividly written misadventures of John and Ludo as they try to find their way out of a Kafkaesque Las Vegas. The restaurant scene with John and ZZ and the phone booth scene were especially funny. A must read for everyone who enjoys a good laugh."
— Jo Ann, Miller Place, NY;
John and Ludo, a duo of ill-fated, ass in-a-sling characters come to life in Avery Cardoza's novel, "Lost in Las Vegas". Right from the first few pages, the old adage "If it wasn't for bad luck, there'd be no luck at all" sprung to my mind. Cardoza paints a picture in this, his first novel, reminiscent of Pat Conroy's style of writing -- such broad, descriptive images that one can't help but feel as if one is experiencing every happening along with the character. A quirky, funny, hard-to-put-down read.
— Mary W, Las Vegas NV;