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Avery Cardoza - Meet Avery Cardoza Author of Lost in las vegas
avery cardoza Avery Cardoza is the former editor in chief of Player, has written 21 books on beating the casino and is the world’s largest publisher of gaming and gambling titles. Cardoza is the owner of the legendary Gambler’s Book Club in Las Vegas (, home to the world’s largest selection of gaming books. Lost in Las Vegas is Cardoza’s first novel, which he began writing in the spring of 2002.

At age 24, Cardoza was banned from every casino in Las Vegas and Northern Nevada for card counting; rather than leave the gambling scene, he decided to write a simple easy-to-read book on how to beat the casino. Though Cardoza had no experience in the publishing world, he successfully published the book on his own - founding what would later become the world’s largest gaming publishing house.

Today Cardoza is a million-selling author of more than 21 books including Winning Casino Blackjack for the Non-Counter, Official World Series of Poker Strategy Guide: No-Limit Tournament Hold’em, Poker Talk, and the encyclopedic How to Win at Gambling. Cardoza Publishing is the home of a who’s who of authors including Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, T.J. Cloutier, Mike Caro, Tom McEvoy, Mike Matusow, Arnold Snyder, Bobby Baldwin and Lyle Berman. Cardoza is also the official publisher of the World Series of Poker.

Cardoza founded the acclaimed national men’s lifestyle magazine, Avery Cardoza’s Player, in 2003, which soon grew to national prominence and established him as one of the top editor-in-chiefs in the country. Player published exclusive interviews and photo shoots with the usual bevy of in-the-news celebrities such as Anna Nicole Smith, Joanna Kruppa and Kim Kardashian. Player also acquired access to celebrities who rarely made themselves available, including Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey, international film sensation and former Bond girl Michele Yeoh (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon), Emmy-winners such as Jeremy Piven, and sports stars like David Wright and heavyweight boxing champion Vladimer Klitchko. After 25 issues and five years, Player succumbed to the difficult economics of magazine publishing and closed its doors, leaving behind a brief but memorable legacy, particularly in its signature "7 Deadly Sins" section.

Cardoza expanded his reach into the world of gambling in 2010 with the acquisition of the Gambler’s Book Club (, rescuing a legendary gambling institution with a history dating back to 1964 when founders John and Edna Luckman first opened its doors. Publishers of more than 250 titles-including the first manual on hold’em poker in 1976-and mentioned in over 1,000 books, the GBC has mentored untold numbers of authors, researchers, documentary filmmakers, and preproduction personnel from Hollywood and television during its almost 50-year history as the reigning authority on gambling publications. John Scarne, Walter Gibson (of the Shadow fame), Sonny Reizner, and the great Harry Houdini are just a few GBC Press authors. Ex-mobsters, FBI agents, and law enforcement personnel regularly shop at Gambler’s Book Club, as well as casino owners such as Steve Wynn, Jackie Gaughan, Bob Stupak, Carl Icahn and Jack Binion. In fact, pretty much anyone who was or is anyone in the gambling world has passed through the doors of the GBC. With the most extensive library of gaming books for sale anywhere, the GBC is an astounding 3,000-book superstore of gambling books-plus a wide range of biographies, Vegas interest items, Mafia titles, and popular games such as chess, backgammon and sudoku.

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, he currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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